Pierre Petry, HB9AMO , was in Chad for his work for the WFP of the UN , and inbetween, in his spare time, he was active in CW only as TT8AMO.  He has been able to be active on all bands, from 160m to 10m. Also Michael PA5M , active as TT8M, his collegue, was at the same QTH, and sometimes using the same antenna's.                                                  


Together with Michael, Pierre has been able to set up a 10 to 30m vertical and a double inverted V for 40 and 80.   First qso's have been made on 40m on the 10th of March 2005 with mainly US stations.  Later,there was also activity on 80m and 160m beside the 'normal' bands.  Remember, Pierre only operated CW.

 10 to 30m vertical

It's difficut to see.....but the photo above shows the 2 inverted V's for 80m and 160 and the guesthouse.

12 /03/2005 :     On the 11th Pierre and Michael had setup an inverted V for 160m . The biggest problem in this is the limited space inside the fence.  They had to put one leg of the antenna outside the fence....considering the fact the local people can use everyting.....they might wanna try to steel the wire, and then tear down the whole antenna. 

 Pierre had been on 160m for a few hours trying hard to work a few station, but managed to work just 3.  Most of the stations he called could not hear his small signal, although signals in TT8 were ok. During the TT8 sunrise just one US station was heard ( W8LRL ) but no qso could be made.  Tonight Pierre will try 160m again, but on sunday they will have to take the antenna down again as it's blocking the road and entrence of the guesthouse.  The freqency will be around 1822 as that's the lowest SWR (  2.3 ) The radio is geting pretty hot with 160m and not too good swr.......but Pierre's trying hard.

  With making the 160m antenna they use the 80m, but with extensions on both 80 is out of use till sunday evening.

13/03/2005:   A few words from Pierre : " 

2nd night on 160m.
This night the conditions are much better than last night. I can hear
many stations calling CQ but they could not hear my week signal going
out of the TS-50.
The apex of the 160m inverted Vee antenna is only at 14 meters up, the
SWR is 2.2 on 1.822 and quickly rise if i move too far off this
freqency, then the radio turn down the power. I also had to make short
transmission as the radio is over heating this hot envirement.
The conditions were quite good around 22:30-23:00z, i worked about 20 EU
stations, the strongest one has been OL5R with a real 589 here.
I wake up a 04z in order to work some US stations. I could only copy two
of them but no QSO were made because my signal was too weak in USA.
At this time i worked about 10 EU stations before my sunrise.
The 160m antenna will be taken down today because one leg is crossing
the road and the other one is going to the neigbour garden. If you leave
a piece of wire unattended it will probably not last too long in place
I will try tonight to operate 40 and 80 looking for JA at their
73 Pierre
Pierre's 'luxury' operating room with just all the neccesary things including the only table available.

There was another 160m weekend on 16/17 april 2005.  Pierre was qrv on two evenings/nights.  In the first one he didn't hear any JA al all. Beside that he was able to make 107 QSO's on 160m only, being 37 Stateside and 70 Europeans.  A very good restult considering the low antenna and low power. But there was more.  On the second evening (saterday 16the of april ) he made 15 QSO's into JA  and during the early morning at his sunrise about   52 QSO's into Nort America again.  Inbetween that there were also  17 Europeans  who made it into the 160m log.

After this last the final 160m results are as below :

228 QSO's on 160m into the following dxcc's :





The 160m antenna ( extended 80m antenna ) has been taken down on that same morning, so there was nO more 80 and 160m. Also 80m went very well in the last few weeks with 1144 QSO's all over the world.  The 40m inverted V is still up and activity will continue on that band.


In total  TT8AMO made 10.607 QSO's as you can see in the bandsummary below.

160m         228 QSO
80m         1145 QSO
40m         2587 QSO
30m           814 QSO
20m           241 QSO
17m         2650 QSO
15m         2078 QSO
12m           675 QSO
10m           189 QSO
CW ONLY  10607 QSO's




Pierre went QRT on the the 19th and has left the country already after 10607 QSO's. He will NOT return to Chad after his hollday but will probably go some other place in Africa.




 Pierre stayed in Abeche, in the east part of Chad, about 100km from the border with Sudan where he was working for the UN  WFP.  Inbetween he was making buisiness trips around the area.


This website will be updated as much as possible with new photo's, new logs and whatever might be interesting for you.

Some more photos can be found in the 'pictures 'section .

If you want your qso confirmed, pse read the QSL rules . Off course there will be a nice qsl card for your collection if you want. ( and have made at least one qso )


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