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The 5Z4/PA5M QSL Route is:               

Dennis Robbemond , PA7FM
Loggerhof 11
3181 NS   Rozenburg

The Netherlands

QSL requests received direct will result in a direct response, subject to certain provisions. In order to receive a direct card: Ensure that the QSO information on your card is clear and correct.

Enclose US dollars or sufficient International Reply Coupons (IRCs) to meet postage costs. IRC'S are still accepted but I do not encourage the use of them as it's getting more difficult to exchange them for stamps. So I prefer US$ or €.

One IRC or two US dollars will pay for return postage in Europe for up to two cards.

One IRC or two US dollars are needed to pay for mail outside Europe for up to two cards.

Donations are much appreciated( but not required ) and are being use to pay for the dx-pedition costs. Please do not send other currencies than US dollars or Euro's.

If you send cards of more than one dx-pedition in one envelope please remind it may take a much longer time before you're qsl's will be processed and you'll receive your qsl cards. I prefer just one dx-pedition in one envelope.

Applications received direct but without a self-addressed envelope, an envelope which is too small, or without sufficient return postage, will receive a confirmation via the bureau.

Dennis, PA7FM


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